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Milwaukie Poetry Series Advisory Board

The Milwaukie Poetry Series Advisory Board acts to support, develop and further the goals of the Milwaukie Poetry Series. The Advisory does this by focusing on areas such as these:

  • Promoting the Series in the community.
  • Advising the organization's leadership in various subject matters.
  • Expanding the Series' network.
  • Connecting the organization to a new audience.
  • Advising the organization in strategic planning

The Milwaukie Poetry Series offers it's profound gratitude to the member of our Advisory Board.

  • Andrea Hollader
  • Amy Miller
  • Paulann Petersen
  • Lex Runciman
  • Penelope Schott
  • Bill Siverly
  • Emmett Wheatfall

Thank you for your support and connection.