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Quinton Hallett

Quinton Hallett writes and edits from Noti, Oregon. She has four chapbooks (Quarry, 1992; Shiver Quench Slake, 2004; Refuge from Flux, 2010; Stranger by the Hour, 2018). She founded Fern Rock Falls Press in 2004, and her work appears or is forthcoming in journals and anthologies including: Willawaw Journal, Cirque, The Edge of Awe, and december. She has coordinated a reading series, high school poet visits, and presented workshops for the Oregon Poetry Association. Quinton received residencies from Caldera and Soapstone. In 2013, an animated short film by award-winning filmmaker, John Haugse featured one of her poems, “To the Long Ago Maybes.” Her first full-length collection, Mrs. Schrödinger’s Breast, from Uttered Chaos was nominated for the Oregon Book Award in 2016. An aspect of this collection shifts physics vocabulary to some of the intractable matters of the body and heart.

A former art administrator for the Smithsonian Institution and the Armand Hammer Foundation, Quinton has lived on both coasts and in the Midwest. She’s been happily ensconced in the Coast Range Foothills for thirty years and counting.

Of her current work, Quinton states “I have been working for some time on the notion of triage as metaphor. I’m as drawn to what is discarded or jettisoned in order to save something as I am in the thing saved.”

May 13, 2020 – CANCELED

Quinton Hallett’s reading rescheduled to Wednesday, October 14, 2020


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